How to link YouTube Account with Adsense on your Blog

If you are looking for how to link your Youtube account with Adsense to your blog then you are on the right page.

Google Adsense has a strict policy that allows users to have only one Adsense account. Users with more than one account will lose all their accounts if Google ever gets to notice it. They may be further penalized and their domains will be banned from using Adsense permanently.

When trying to connect your Youtube account with adsense to your blog ensure that you do not create another adsense account or you wouldn’t be able to complete the process.

In this article, I’m going to provide you a complete guide that will help direct you on how to link your Youtube account with Adsense to your blog.

How to link your Youtube account with Adsense to your blog

When you first signed up to Google Adsense for Youtube, you were given a hosted Adsense account. If you have a website with a custom domain, you will have to opt for the non-hosted Adsense account.

This is a kind of upgrade to the hosted Adsense account you used for your Youtube channel which means you will also have to go through the verification process again. Below are the steps to take when linking your Youtube account with Adsense to your blog.

Log into your Youtube Adsense account
On the main menu, click on “Ads”
Click on “Other Products”
Click on Upgrade now and provide the necessary information in the form that comes up

You will be told to place ad codes on your site to help Google verify that you own the site.

When done, your site will be under verification which should take a few days. If your application is disapproved for whatever reason, you will still have your Youtube earnings and you will still be able to earn through your Youtube channel.

However, ads wouldn’t be displayed on your website until you reapply and get approved.

Things To Note Before You Apply

Before you apply for a non-hosted Adsense account for your domain, there are several things you should take note of. These things will get your site approved faster.

1. Google Adsense Policies

Google Adsense has several policies that every site must adhere to before they can be approved to join the Adsense program. These policies are numerous and listed on its Policy page.

Google Adsense does not approve sites that have contents that are considered to be adult content or encourage the sale of drugs, malware, fake products, guns, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and tobacco-related products.

It also has a list of illegal content that would lead to the publisher losing their account if they post such content on their site.

2. Plagiarized content

If you copy content from other websites and paste directly on your website, you will not get approved. Such content is known as plagiarized content and Google considers those sites to be of low quality.

Even if you rewrite the content without adding any new information it will either be considered as scrapped or plagiarized content and you wouldn’t be approved.

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You will also find your application disapproved if you post contents that have been posted by many websites whether or not you rewrite such contents and add new value to them.

Plagiarized content doesn’t only mean your text but also your images. If you pick your images off Google image search, then there is a high chance you are using copyrighted images without the permission of the owner. If you have such in your website, you wouldn’t be approved.

It is advised that you delete all images you got from Google search and only use free images in your posts. You can get free images from sites like Pixabay.
Your content should be of high-quality and you should have at least two long posts that provide real value to readers.

3. Navigation

Google Adsense only approves sites that offer users a great user experience. These sites are considered high-quality websites and your site would have to be one if you want to get approved. Your site should be easy to navigate if you want to get approved on your first application.

Users should be able to move through it and find relevant information like your About Us and Contact Us pages with ease.

4. Number of posts

The number of posts you have in your site isn’t a major factor that affects your application, however, you wouldn’t be approved if you have just one or two posts on your website.

Get at least 10 high-quality posts on your site before applying. These posts should be free of plagiarism if you want to get a positive response to your application.

5. Pages

There are some pages that must be on your site if you want to join the Adsense program. These pages are your About Us, Contact Us, Privacy and Disclaimer pages.

Although Google hasn’t clearly stated the importance of these pages for verification, it is believed it shows that your site is professional which is just what Google is looking for.

6. Domain Age

Domain Age is a factor that doesn’t affect all publishers. If you are from Asia then you would need to wait for your domain to be at least 6 months old before you can apply to join the Adsense program or you will get disapproved.

7. Type of Site

Google Adsense is quite picky when it comes to the type of site it approves. Health sites have a harder time getting approved than tech sites and many believe that health sites are heavily scrutinized because they are more professional than tech sites. Also, Google doesn’t approve sites like forums.

8. Site Speed

If your site loads slowly then there is a high chance that your readers are not getting a great user experience. Google only approves high-quality sites that offer a great user experience to readers which mean your application wouldn’t get approved.

You can test the loading speed of your site by running it through Google Speed Tests. To make your site faster you can learn how to optimize your website with PageSpeed tools.


That concludes the article on how to link your Youtube account with Adsense with your blog.

Linking your Youtube account with your adsense may not sounds like a necessary thing to do but it proves more credibility if you ask me .

Are you having difficulty of getting adsense approved on your blog? Or you might be facing other issues.

Leave a comment below and I’ll get to you myself.

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