How to Make Money on YouTube in 2020 [Simple ways]

To most, Youtube is the largest video-sharing website in the world, to others; it is a source of income. The platform holds several promises for many of its users who own channels with millions of subscribers.

These promises have got many people searching for information on how to make money on Youtube, hoping to earn from the site.To make money on Youtube, you’d have to become a professional Youtuber. While this sounds fun, you will have to take it extremely seriously.

Most YouTubers that earn tens of thousands of dollars on the platform have hundreds of thousands to millions of subscribers which took them a couple of years to gain.

If you already own a channel and you have some awesome videos which would pull a crowd, you can make money from youtube through several ways.

1. Google Adsense

Ads are one of the most common monetization methods for websites and it is also the same for Youtube. Most YouTubers earn from the videos they create by placing ads within the videos.

These ads would be from Youtube itself as the site runs a monetization system that allows you to earn directly from it. To earn directly from Youtube, you will have to partner with it.

There are some requirements you will have to meet first before you can become a Youtube Partner.Your channel should abide by the site’s advertising rules with at least 10,000 views on your videos.

Once approved, you can sign up for Google Adsense for Youtube. Ads will be displayed on the videos in your channel and you will be paid based on the number of impressions your videos get.

Youtube takes a cut out of the ad revenue which is undisclosed, however, some people believe it to be up to 55%. You get paid when you reach the minimum threshold of $100.

The problem with earning through Adsense for Youtube is that you would need to have tens of thousands of impressions before you can reach the minimum threshold.

If you lack a good number of subscribers or viewers, it would take a really long time to reach the minimum threshold and you will only withdraw your earnings a few times a month.

2. Super Chat

Super Chat is another way for creators to make money through Youtube. Youtube opened its mobile live-streaming for creators and with that came a new feature called “Super Chat”.

Super Chat lets viewers reach creators more personally. It basically allows viewers to pin a comment to the top of the live chat. The comment can be seen by everyone including the creator.

Super Chat is a great monetization method, however, it is only available for those with more than 10,000 subscribers. With Super Chat, viewers can pay as little as $1 to get their comment noticed but they will have to pay a lot more to push it to the top of the chat.

Youtube highlights the chat by changing the color of the comment area for the specific viewer. This would be a great income source to creators who are very personal with their viewers and those who allow their viewers to drop contributions and suggestions that would benefit other viewers.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marking is one of the most popular monetization methods for webmasters, but it can also be used by Youtubers. Affiliate marketing could be the best monetization method for you if you have been able to connect with your viewers and gain their trust.

That way you can easily refer them to products that will be good for them and have them purchase it through your affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is different from sponsored videos or product promotions.

As an affiliate marketer, you can only sell products that align with your niche. Sites like Clickbank, ShareASale and CJ Affiliate are among the affiliate marketing sites that are trusted and used by a large number of webmasters and Youtubers.

4. Sponsored videos

Sponsored videos and products promotion is another popular way to make money from Youtube, however, you would require a large number of subscribers and viewership to gain a good number of clients.

Clients would have you promote their product by doing a video about it or give a shoutout in any of your videos. You can charge anything between $100 to $5,000 depending on the number of subscribers you have and your average video view count.

5. Sell Your Own Products

Creating a Youtube account just for the purpose of selling products wouldn’t get you anywhere unless you are ready to spend heavily on promotion and ads.

Selling your own products is a very profitable monetization method but you would need to build trust with your viewers before you can start selling.
The best thing about selling your own products is that you wouldn’t need thousands of viewers or subscribers make a reasonable profit.

If your products are just good enough, your viewers can tell their friends and share it on their social media handles. That way you would get exposure without spending a dime on advertisements.

You can sell physical products like T-shirts, posters or your own hand-made products. You can also sell downloadable products like e-books, art prints, and premium workout videos.

6. Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored reviews are quite similar to sponsored posts except that reviews are more specific. You would need to build a large number of subscribers if you are to get review opportunities from clients.

You can also message companies that you believe will benefit from the review and offer to review their product for a fee. If you have a large number of trusted subscribers, most companies would agree to your offer.

Remember to go only for companies that are within your niche or you would have a hard time getting accepted.

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To build a large youtube fan base, you would need to go professional. Well-edited videos that are filled with entertaining content are the most popular videos on Youtube and creators of such content normally have a large number of subscribers.

No matter the type of content you offer, you can make it entertaining and easy to understand as it will help you get subscribers faster.

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