5 Reasons why SEO is valuable to your blog

The importance of SEO cannot be overemphasized; today it has become one of the most important aspects of marketing for businesses, bloggers and webmasters who run their services and products online.

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization which consists of a set of guidelines for optimizing your website and its contents for Search Engines so that you rank higher.

Today, SEO marketing has become a very important aspect of marketing for websites simply because it is one of the best and easiest ways to build a targeted audience without spending too much.

Reasons why SEO is important to your blog

Below, I’m going to list 5 reasons why SEO is valuable for your blog which all bothers around the importance of SEO. If you are not implementing SEO practices on your blog at this time, you are not only hurting your chances of ranking higher in Search Engines but also losing targeted readers.

1. To More traffic

Getting more traffic should be important to every blog owner, not just because you want more eyes on your content but because you would want to make more sales or increase your revenue.

Organic search is one of the best ways to get traffic and not just any kind of traffic but targeted traffic. Targeted traffic consists of readers who are genuinely interested in the content and would likely turn to potential customers.

If you want to reach more people and make more sales then you need to step up your SEO practices which basically mean creating more valuable content while following On page and Off page SEO guidelines.

2. To Gain Trust and Credibility

Most websites on the front page of Search Engines like Google are considered trustworthy and credible not just because they are on the first page but also that they deliver the right solutions to the questions that brought the users to their websites.

Their ability to do this consistently thus makes them more trustworthy and credible which is why you can find them on the first page of Google for many search queries. This, in turn, increases their traffic and selling potential.

Implementing SEO practices on your blog makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of Google. With the right content and SEO techniques, you can make yourself an authority in your niche. The more credible you are, the more likely people are to buy from you or make use of your services.

3. To Get Cheap Traffic

There are several ways to gain traffic which are free but to gain targeted traffic which will give you the kind of results you need you would have to part with a few bucks. Facebook is one of the largest sources of traffic for many websites and it is also one of the cheapest.

However, Search Engines are the best sources of traffic and maybe the cheapest you can find. With SEO you will not only spend less to gain exposure and potential customers but you will also be able to keep those customers loyal if you follow the right SEO practices.

Fortunately, being on Google first page means that you are following the right SEO practices which also mean users on the site will get positive user experience and will be more likely to stay, bookmark your site or sign up to your email list.

4. Limitless Exposure

I once said that SEO would get more exposure and traffic to your site but there is more. Implementing SEO practices on your blog will get your limitless exposure which means that you wouldn’t only be getting users from your locality or country, but also from other countries and continents.

This is great if you are hoping to go global with your business one day and it is also best if you use a PPC affiliate program as a monetization method on your blog.

This is because PPC affiliate programs tend to favor developed countries and if you are able to attract users from developed countries to your blog through SEO then you would definitely earn more with just a few clicks on your ads.

This is another benefit of SEO as it not only gets you exposure and traffic but also boosts your revenue. You are simply spending less to gain traffic and earning more.

5. Long-Term Traffic Strategy

SEO is the best long term strategy to apply if you want to gain consistent traffic. If you check, most websites ranking on the first page of Search Engines have been there for years simply because they update their content with the latest SEO practices and keep getting more users to read their content.

SEO rules are not static and have changed over the years because Search Engines also update their software and algorithms which changes the tides. However, it is easier to recover from a change in Search Engine algorithms than anywhere else.

Social media sites like Facebook which account for a large chunk of the traffic gained by many websites has changed its algorithms several times which has seen many businesses and websites lose authority and traffic expect if they are willing to spend more on adverts.

SEO, on the other hand, simply involves you following the latest SEO practices as Search Engines make these changes. You wouldn’t need to spend on advertisements to get back to your rankings.

As it seems, SEO is going nowhere, the market is becoming more competitive as many websites get aware of the importance of SEO and are constantly implementing its practices to stay ahead of their competitors. For them, it is a cheap traffic source with the possibility of high returns.

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SEO consists of On page, Off page and Technical SEO which all make up the best SEO practices. To get your site’s SEO right, you would need to have knowledge of all the SEO practices and know how to apply them. You would also need to stay updated on the algorithm changes to ensure that you remain at the top whenever a change happens.

Most times its best to hire an SEO expert or to have an SEO team to run your site’s SEO and get you’re at the top really fast. If you are on a tight budget, you would have to sign up for SEO courses from reputable SEO experts like Neil Patel or Backlinko. You would also need to make use of SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to spy and stay ahead of your competitors.

That makes up the 5 reasons why SEO is valuable for your blog and you can see the importance of SEO and why you should implement SEO practices now.

Any comment, contributions or questions, comment on the bottom and I’ll get back to you asap.

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